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Default Control of FX params - help me understand a better way :)

Hi all! I am coming from multiple other DAWs, and have been using Reaper about 5 months. Having a great time

I am mostly using OSC for remote control, and the one thing I am unable to figure out - how to control the order in which plugin (VSTi, FX) parameters are presented. As far as I can tell, Reaper just dumps the full automation list to the remote client, and lets the client sort it out. So, because my FX controller has 8 knobs, the only way I can control (for example) parameter #57 is to scroll through 8 banks of parameters until I find the one I want.

What many other DAWs allow you to do is save a "short list" of remote control destinations - per plugin. So you identify the 16 or so you are likely to need, save them to a "quick control" list (e.g. Cubase) or "macro" (e.g. Ableton, Bitwig) -- and if you've done so, those are the ones that are presented to the remote instead of the full 512+ automation IDs

I'm using OSC, but as far as I can tell a different problem exists for MIDI - you have to hardwire destinations on an instance basis and save that specific instance/track template/etc.

Is there any way to do what I'm talking about (create a list of remote parameters per plugin, that change depend on the focused plugin)? Currently I'm using O-S-C to query the plugin name and build a new array on the fly, per focused device. But...this is tedious because I have to hard code it for every possibility

I'm ok if the answer is "saving automation IDs per plugin is not possible, you'd have to script it" - I'm comfortable with scripting, if there is sufficient exposure in the API and it can be stored/recalled somehow.

Thanks in advance!
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