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So I'm really close to having a really solid working setup here (not going to worry about that hidden track bug atm - working around).

My next (and maybe final) step on the Console1 controller is this:

I am attempting to create a different zone for some un-assigned parameters when an FX window is in focus. Those parameters are PageUp, PageDown, and PhaseInv(Bypass) (and maybe a few others once I get these working).

So with no FX windows in focus, when using PageUp/Down would select neighboring tracks and PhaseInv would reverse Phase (all of which are already working) - but when an FX Chain is in focus, the Page buttons would switch to selecting next/previous FX in the chain, and PhaseInv would bypass the selected FX (none yet working).

I feel like I'm close, but I definitely need help here...

Zone Home
//	OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackSendsToWidgets
//	OnFXFocus MapFocusedTrackFXToWidgets
//	OnFXFocus MapSelectedTrackFXToWidgets
	OnFXFocus GoZone FocusedFX
	DisplayOn Reaper _S&M_TOGLFXCHAIN
	PageDown Reaper 40286
	PageUp Reaper 40285
	InputMeterLeft TrackOutputMeter 0
	InputMeterRight TrackOutputMeter 1
	OutputMeterLeft TrackOutputMeter 0
	OutputMeterRight TrackOutputMeter 1
	PhaseInv Reaper 40282
	Volume TrackVolume
	Pan TrackPan
	Mute TrackMute
	Solo TrackSolo

Zone FocusedFX
	PageDown Reaper _S&M_SELFXPREV
	PageUp Reaper _S&M_SELFXNEXT
btw - with the new surface options in the update, I am finding I no longer need the map-to commands in the zon file, which is very cool! :-)
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