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Originally Posted by Phazma View Post
Hmm in that case maybe it is better if I post this into the General Discussion forum? So that more people see it and can share their knowledge, opinion and predictions? I have noticed that the developers lately are actually working on some GUI related issues, but as I am ignorant about that whole GPU and HiDPI stuff I have no clue whether that means that I can expect a non-flickering Reaper soon that reacts to mouse scrolling and dragging like most other software and DAWs.

Maybe it would make sense to do a feature request for my specific issues, so that if enough people agree with me they might consider to include my issues on the list of graphical reworking for Reaper 6?. I have the feeling however that only few users care about those things so probably it would just get buried..

Btw I found out that I can improve the scrolling resolution by creating a custom action that includes a few 'Action: Modify MIDI CC/mousewheel: 0.5x', however after that scrolling is painfully slow and it still flickers a lot so it is also no solution.

Actually you helped me a lot, I didn't knew about those actions. Indeed they made zooming more fluid but I got a fill zoom need some acceleration like if you zoom rapid or try to fine slowly zoom.
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