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Originally Posted by strachupl View Post
No, I think no and...
It is in mac section but the same is on windows. I think it is just the thing that Reaper do not do anything to make things fluid graphically, almost everything is flickering not flowing.
The example vs logic show this, same in FL studio, there is no lags and flicking on GUI. I think we should be honest on that.
I am not computers, programming and graphic expert so maybe I am missing something.
Hmm in that case maybe it is better if I post this into the General Discussion forum? So that more people see it and can share their knowledge, opinion and predictions? I have noticed that the developers lately are actually working on some GUI related issues, but as I am ignorant about that whole GPU and HiDPI stuff I have no clue whether that means that I can expect a non-flickering Reaper soon that reacts to mouse scrolling and dragging like most other software and DAWs.

Maybe it would make sense to do a feature request for my specific issues, so that if enough people agree with me they might consider to include my issues on the list of graphical reworking for Reaper 6?. I have the feeling however that only few users care about those things so probably it would just get buried..

Btw I found out that I can improve the scrolling resolution by creating a custom action that includes a few 'Action: Modify MIDI CC/mousewheel: 0.5x', however after that scrolling is painfully slow and it still flickers a lot so it is also no solution.
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