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Yeah, I liked the Logic workflow pretty much and feature-wise one of the few big buggers was the clumsy automation workflow but what ultimately led me to definitely switch DAW was its myriad of bugs (including occasional very loud noise bursts and clicks which made me fear using it). Many years ago I used FL Studio on PC and while I have ditched it for some good reasons I still miss things from it. I have also tried Studio 1 for some time on Mac and while I generally preferred Logic I still missed a few things about it too and so I was dreaming of somehow creating my own DAW combining aspects I liked about the workflow of other DAWs into one workflow - and found out Reaper comes pretty close to that. Yet when it seems to be possible to set it up almost exactly like I imagine the perfect DAW, the few things that I can't change get even more "itching".

To come back on topic however, I don't think the graphics issue I am experiencing is to blame on recent Macbooks with retina display. With most apps I am perfectly happy with how the graphics behave. Sure, if you have a non-retina display you won't notice some apps being sharper than others but as I could see Cockos are already working on that. But I highly doubt that, contrary to other applications, Reaper's GUI movements actually look more fluid on older Macs. And if that should be the case I'd sell my 2015MBP today and get an old one.
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