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Reaper is so flexible there will always be something that doesn't work as we expect it...

I've been using audio editors for almost 35 years. There's always something. I really liked BIAS' Peak, for instance. But I remember an era when it crashed if you just looked at it. For the same reason, I abandoned Logic years later. I've maybe seen three or four crashes on Reaper in the decade or so I've been using it.

That said, I'm still on a non-Retina Mac. The lack of graphics performance you experience is one of the reasons. I get to work on recent Macs sometimes and they always strike me as not really being faster than my old crappy 2009 Macs. The speed is there, but there always seems to be some Cloud thingy interrupting when I don't need it. And sometimes, they bog down without any apparent reason.

I even use one of the latest PPC Macs to watch DVD's. Boots in 20 secs, DVD is loaded in under a minute. And that drive never fails. My 2009 MB Pro is on it's third optical drive and it failed yet again. This time, it damages DVD's beyond repair when it ejects them. The 20 year old PPC Mac is still on it's original optical drive...

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