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Thanks for the useful links Cyrano.

I downloaded the latest dev-version which had some Metal preferences enabled in advanced UI and noticed some improvements when it comes to font sharpness on my Macbook Pro Retina display (not on my non-hi-dpi monitor which I use together with the MBP display). Some elements of some themes I am using however are broken in this Reaper version with the Metal settings (specially in the mixer) .

Anyway I can not detect any additional smoothness in redrawing the display when moving UI elements. But I guess this will still be worked on and happen in Reaper 6, if you are saying it will have around twice the graphic rendering speed, I guess that means all UI elements will redraw with double smoothness/half flickering.. wondering if that might be around the same speed as Logic/S1 or in my layman perception "fast enough to not notice the GUI is being redrawn".

Remains to be seen if along those improvements also the scrolling/zooming steps will be eliminated/reduced. I have the feeling that those are not directly related to UI redrawing but some kind of Reaper coding decision (with some reason behind) as they are much bigger steps than for example when dragging the ruler. Seems Reaper can do pixel-by-pixel movements (though not yet as smooth as other apps - probably until Reaper 6) but for some reason opted to not have the same resolution for mouse-scrolling/zooming.
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