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That suggested action might indeed come in handy but otherwise your workflow is not immediate enough for me. Tried the navigator but I prefer having the immediacy of just going up/down and left/right by swiping my mouse and zooming with scroll+modifiers while having to live with the jumpy UI until they hopefully do something about it.

If you are on a Windows machine and use a standard mouse with stepped scroll wheel you might not notice Reaper feeling not smooth because all of your other apps also react to stepped scrolling, line by line. But I am pretty sure most Mac users love the smooth pixel by pixel navigation inside all apps and when you are used to that and then have an app like Reaper, which scrolls "the windows way" it just somehow feels clunky, at least to me - and while of course the audio editing capabilities still are what matters most and speaks for Reaper this bothers me more than I could have imagined.

Here a video comparing scrolling, zooming and UI redrawing when dragging an item - Reaper (left) and Logic (right). While scrolling and zooming are pretty obvious, also pay attention at the end when I am dragging the item. In Reaper it looks like if snap was enabled (even though it isn't) and in Logic it is very smooth:

Generally all these navigation operations make it look as if Reaper's GUI was flickering a bit at each movement while Logic's GUI remains "constant", making it easier and more intuitive to follow the scrolling/zooming/dragging you are doing.

I'd like to know what do apps like Logic (or Studio One for that matter) do to make this graphical performance possible and if that is something that may be possible also for Reaper's developers to integreate or there are reasons why it is improbable that Reaper will ever graphically behave this way.
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