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I'm not sure what a "big project" is for you, but I never have any trouble navigating projects of around 70 tracks.

I use navigator for big moves (all my tracks are color coded, so it's easy to see where tracks are in the navigator). Right drag scrolls the arrangement for smaller moves.

Even if none of that appeals to you, you should definitely assign a key to the action "restore previous zoom/scroll position." No matter where I end up (by accident or on purpose), I just hit backspace to go back to where I was. It's like a separate undo history just for the view. It saves multiple steps (no idea how many, but more than I've every needed) and you can step through views in both directions.

I'm not on Mac, but all of these are very smooth behaviors for me and I haven't needed to change my workflow there in years. Try it out, in lieu of the "fix" which may or may not ever arrive. The devs don't make promises and we can only hope that WIP stuff in pre-release versions will actually make it into the release versions.
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