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Default ReaComp .............. It's all in the make-up gain.....

Hey, All:

I have been struggling a lot with trying to get my vocals to sound right.
I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about compression and have seen a lot said about make-up gain.

On a lot of the videos on this topic the people are using other DAWs and the compression plugins they are using has a make-up gain knob.

However, looking at ReaComp, it does NOT have one. I have been very confused about this part because very little is actually talked about it in the videos I have seen, or, it might be that I was just not understanding what they were saying. The point is, I wish ReaComp had a make-up gain knob like so many other compressor plugins. I suppose there might be a reason for this. I've seen the checkbox there the whole time but just never have seen any videos that spend very much time if at all talking about it.

I just so happened to come across one today that touched on it for about 30 seconds .......

I am glad that I finally figured it out because it makes my waveform much more manageable and needs almost no dynamic vocal processing whereas before, my waveforms were all over the place! it also help a bunch with the volume of my vocal track, including the delay and reverb.......

So, just goes to show you (and me) how just one setting, be it a check box or a switch, or whatever can make all the difference in how things can sound on your tracks!!!!
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