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Originally Posted by biopsin View Post

btw do you guys experience issues loading SFZero-X and BalanceSPTeufelsberg Reverb on same track?
Which plug i load in which order does not matter, last one blacks out and Reaper freezez.
I think that is due to JUCE and some Reaper gtk thing, I'm not sure.

I used to have that problem on MXLinux but now I don't, so maybe something got updated on my system and now it's ok.

I don't know if the Ubuntu version is any better.

On the SFZero-X page it links to how SFZero-X can be run inside Linux-LinVst
(nothing to do with Windows or Wine btw) to try to get around possible gtk etc errors.

The binaries are in the Releases folder.

So, copy lin-vst-server to /usr/bin and then place linvst*.so in the folder that is in and then rename linvst*.so to SFZero*.so (the asterisks need to be there btw).

Then choose SFZero with an asterisk in the name inside Reaper (and not the usual SFZero with no asterisk in the name).

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