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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I don't currently have any 3rd party audio editors installed, but for grins I navigated out to /usr/bin/vlc for my primary editor and now if I right click an audio clip, I can edit it with VLC which just plays the clip but also confirms that the linkage all got connected fine. It also prompted me if I wanted to open the original or to make a copy before editing.
Thanks again Glennbo -- What I am doing now is... export 'media' item from Reaper Linux... [[I already have my other editor open... (Audacity etc. BUT I have audacity switched over to JACK ez enuff) so Reaper and Audacity aren't Both running off of ALSA!]] I import the .wav file into audacity - THEN work in wav and export it back. Sometimes I will change the .ext file format... so I have my pick when I am back in Reaper... works good... but one or 2 extra steps... there is nothing wrong with this set up... but boy would it be great to configure the primary & secondary External Editors... for the weird little programs or analyzers... thanks again.
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