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Default Use ara2 melodyne in Linux REAPER

WINE REAPER works well with ara2. But Native REAPER can't load the project because vst3 melodyne miss.

We can't load vst3 with linvst. Ara2 in DDMF(VST3 to VST2 bridge) won't work.

There is a way, Native REAPER works with the project that WINE REAPER modified with ara2 melodyne.

1. Move the track to subproject that you need to work with ara2 melodyne.
2. Load ara2 melodyne in subproject. Do not load ara2 melodyne in main project.
3. Open the same project in Native REAPER.
4. Save subproject in WINE REAPER. The main project wave file will be changed.

I know it is a stupid way, but it's also the only way in this moment.
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