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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Not wanting to discourage you - I am still lurking & interested. But M. waddingtons long-running epic has had my attention for a LONG time & I suspect others see that project as a really good wide-ranging solution.
M. Waddingtons extension and "Not a mouse" do not intersect, except they both target controlling REAPER from some hardware. This plug-in works with mouse only, m. Waddingtons plug-in does not work with mouse.

Keep at it - depending on your published results, you could find yourself getting more interest/support as this matures.
"Not a mouse" is technically finished. It will not "mature", except more tests it works without problems.

I just hope someone who needs my staff can find it. People are discussing Tranzport, Faderport, X-Touch One, Web and OSC apps. May be some of them, as myself, do not really need the "full power" of traditional surface solutions and can profit from the size, price, connectivity and battery live of a mouse. I know many people use wireless computer keyboards for that, mouse is just a smaller alternative (and it has an encoder...). The problem is that a mouse, unlike keyboards, with default behavior is useless without display. "Not a Mouse" void that limitation.

Back in time, MIDI key bindings in Cakewalk was used. That approach allowed to share 25-88 keys with the same number of control buttons. So I have made the same for REAPER and I still think that is a good idea for DP. But I have found that I am completely alone with such opinion. May be I am also alone with my opinion about mouse. And I see no problem to be not in the "main stream"
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