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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
I have recently started tgreating reaper as a very basic tape recorder again.

Amazing how quickly a workable demo can be done that way.
I'm also doing that.

Sometimes I resolve syncing issues [performance errors due to a lack of rehearsal, or something ] down the track by simply recording a vocal track singing the drums and/or bass timing and align MIDI notes to that; it's a reasonably fast, very accurate method which reflects actual performance and often saves on needing to re record a bunch of insts, esp if using vsti's.

I'll post the following for anyone who might find it useful, it's become a major feature of me workflow, dunno if other DAWs have this feature but it works great in Reaper.

For anyone who wants to use this method, -open e.g the bass MIDI trk in the MIDI editor [Piano roll] then click the little exclamation mark icon in the extreme bottom left corner of the screen, unattach the window from the docker so it floats.

Set "Opacity" to 75% [which is also on the dropdown menu of the exlamation mark icon] then right click the area above the Piano Roll, choose "View", then "Piano Roll Timebase" and then "Project synced".

Now it's possible to drag the floating MIDI editor to the audio [wave] track you recorded and you can see it underneath the MIDI editor which remains in sync with all other tracks regardless of resizing windows or other adjustments.
Note: As usual, if there's pitchbend info attached to MIDI notes then usually you need to make sure that moves with the notes.

Someone might weigh in again with how that can be set as default or accomplished in the same edit as I know it's possible but I forget so I've been doing that with separate edits.

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