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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
Anything. Buttons, faders, joysticks (also pots, but two of them).
for connecting "anything", there are plenty of normal computers, window/linux, f.e. in TV Stick format (USB+Wifi and HDMI for setting up). Arm based sticks are dirty cheap... I plan to dig in one of them, after I replace it with new one in my TV setup (current is not smooth for FHD and bloated Amazon app).

I've tried that, albeit on a Mac. It's very easy to convince the OS to do something other with it. I've used the power button on a Macbook as start/stop for recording, fi. But not all software can be controlled that way, because you need kb codes that aren't in use. And mostly, these are ignored in the software. Of course, Reaper could be the exception.
I am not sure what you have tried, I am going to convert all messages to MIDI. So "kb codes" will not overlap with "normal" (not dedicated) keyboard.
BTW since I am testing with mouse AND keyboard, I think my plug-in will support both.

One of the demands I've set myself, is that the controller should work with most software, not only Reaper, but also TotalMix, or even Audacity.
I prefer to not mix a "controller" as a device and its "translation" for the target. Universal is not always good, f.e. HID was though as universal (any device should describe all its controls, even which part of the human body operates it and with which effort, what it was thought to be used for, etc.). Yet in practice, there is "Mouse" driver, there is "Keyboard" driver and there is "Game" driver... game over. Apart from mentioned program for $70, I do not see many "universal" end application HID drivers.

- An ADR digital fader. One fader, one pot, 6 buttons with a LED each.
So Presonus Faderport
- A 16 channel Tascam with 16 motorized faders, 16 encoders and 48 buttons. I would also like to add 16 meters. And I'm dreaming about 16 digitally controlled preamps. But if there are preamps in it, it's no longer a controller
If you look for related thread(s), most problematic part is not getting the signal into computer, but let this signal make something reasonable in particular application, f.e. Reaper.

F.e. I plan 2-3 actions per button and scroll button to have 2 "encoders" action. A mouse is a mouse. That is the logic of the program which defines how powerful the controller is.
With Sonar, 2 left pedals of by DP do almost endless number of different things (I have several configurations).

There is Ableton Push 2, with nice encoders, pads, LEDs, even color display! Everything is documented and can be used by everyone (btw with the same method I will use for mouse). Have you seen many full scale usable solutions for it, other then for Ableton?

Binding antic devices as DAW controllers is a lot of fun. I have done that with 2 mixers (old Yamaha and old Tascam, for other, I do not have any...) and Sonar. Was that fun? Yes. Practically useful? Not really...
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