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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
If it’s bt, wouldn’t we still have the issue of needing junk like midiberry and loop midi to even see it in reaper?
I don't think so (because my idea was BT was between transmitter/receiver only, then what the computer sees is just a USB MIDI device) but I'm less concerned with it being BT tbh as I can most likely get very near realtime using Wifi. As I tried to explain in the previous thread a couple months back. For example the MIDI controller I built a couple months ago uses an Arduino the size of two stamps and it advertises itself as a MIDI device so I bypassed all that extra fiddling...

In the case for wireless, it's similar except you need one transmitting and one receiving wirelessly and the one receiving is the same one that advertises as a USB/MIDI device to the computer. There are some caveats and R&D but totally possible as far as I'm concerned.

To be clear about the WiFi part, that's between the devices themselves, there is no network or user router involved, it's literally the sending and receiving devices (again the size of a stamp) that have full B/G/N wireless stacks that can just communicate with each other.
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