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Default And once again it's failing

Back again this morning. I made no changes since yesterday, when it worked. But now REAPER is back to playing very slow, very distorted tracks.

What the heck could be going on with this? Why does it work one minute and not the next?

Per somebodyelseuk's post of yesterday, I tried changing the audio settings to this:
Pre-zero out buffers: UNCHECKED
Ignore ASIO reset messages: CHECKED
Audio thread priority: ASIO Default/MMCSS Pro Audio / Time Critical
Allow projects to override device sample rate: UNCHECKED

Still does not work. Sounds like you're playing a massively scratched up 33 RPM LP at 16 RPM.

Again, this is something that fails intermittently. The worst kind of problem you can have to troubleshoot.

Anyone have any other ideas? I would much appreciate it!
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