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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
FWIW I think REAPER will always be faster in Windows for screen updates, since macOS does a lot of composition in putting together the views which isn't incredibly fast. We could maybe work around this by using OpenGL views for some views on the mac side, I will experiment with this soon.

I went in to an Apple store to test on a 5k imac... it seemed to work fine with the default scaling -- not as fast as Windows, for sure, but very usable.
Hi Justin, thanks for testing this out! Any other DAW (and software in general) I would have to go through 5 layers of helpdesk and God knows what!

My system is almost identical and I suspect REAPER also runs almost identical (did a clean USB Sierra install and pristine REAPER). For some the lag drives them “nuts” and is enough to switch DAW and for others it is “very usable” and nowhere near a problem…. I really hope you can work something out with OpenGL. REAPER is an awesome DAW and it would be unquestionably great if the GUI would be a bit more fluid on the MAC. The new Retina implementation is already a great visual improvement.
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