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Default Suggestions to isolate the problem

Here are some simple steps to try and help get things working, or to enable others to help.

- Use MIDI-OX on windows or a similar midi monitor to check the midi being sent to or from the BCF-2000

- Check the OSC strings being sent by reaper in the OSCII-bot console

- Use printf statements to output values in the code to the OSCII-bot console for debug purposes.

- In particular check that oscmatch() has worked as expected and fmt0 has the expected value in it. It might be better to assign values to a more localised variable than fmt0 using the {} feature of match()

- Align the indentation of the ( and ); and ): so one can visualise that the code sections really do contain & execute the desired statements where expected

- Get the simplest possible code to work (eg just sending some predefined midi to the BCF-2000 in @init that moves the fader OK i.e. no OSC at all)

- Add in code, step by step, increasing the functionality sending midi to OSCII-bot or parsing OSC output from Reaper. Check each increment works OK.

- Based on all this try and isolate the problem and post a succinct summary of the behaviour or error experienced.

- Select the best forum to ask in. More folk in the Reaper community see and contribute to the Reaper compatibility forum than the OSCII-bot forum.

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