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Originally Posted by Hafer View Post
Is it me or why would you want to have one vsti plugin per articulation?
I don't think you normally would. I myself tend to have dozens of articulations on a single VSTi and in fact on a single MIDI channel.

But I think the basic point is we'd want a solution that doesn't make assumptions about how many articulations may exist on a track, or how many FX they are spread across, which MIDI channels the articulations are on (they may be all sharing one MIDI channel), what MIDI events are needed to change articulations, or indeed whether or not the VSTi handling the articulations is even on the same track (could be a MIDI send). This shouldn't be a problem as long as articulation changes are arbitrarily translatable to a user-defined MIDI event and standard MIDI routing rules apply.

I'd also want everything fully accessible from APIs, so that scripters can extend or improve the UX.
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