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Thanks guys, I feel so much younger again! (:
True, I tuned in when modems were about to stop playing their squeaky symphony before opening up the Gates to The World..

So far I only tried EZ/SuperiorDrummer before getting Addicted.. I didn't find them so superior at all.. so hard to get them to sound natural, plus it's an elephant! ADD loads in seconds, and making adjustments is a breeze. Specially like the jazz brush/sticks kit, and those Blue Oyster toms from the Retro kit with that deep thundery sound, finish it with some snare buzz.. oh yeah..
I'll certainly check out the Natural Studios. 'Natural' sounds good to my ears.. thanks!
Better hi-hat performance, that is something on my wishlist.. ADD doesn't support full continuous control, its range is divided into 5 steps and the open/close action AFTER hitting the hat doesn't affect the sound like it does in "real life". Can the NS kit do this?
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