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Originally Posted by LETO View Post
Just for clarity's sake: One stereo channel in ninjam turns into one mono WAV.. Not sure if left/right information is in fact merged or if it takes only the left or the right channel. Need to check that..
I just thought (well, on the bus home...) - is it after you load the clipsort.log you see mono or have you checked the files on disk?
Originally Posted by LETO View Post
I still remember the good old early 2000s when data transmission was still a novelty
Hah! Online was old hat to me by then . I've been online (running a dial-up BBS; using dial-up IP; finally getting ADSL the moment it was available) since the 1985 (and ouch the phone bills) . But yeah, no one really noticed until 2000 or so...
Originally Posted by LETO View Post
and everybody including myself started "online bands" with sea miles between them. Same kind of magic happening with Ninjam.
I didn't really get back into playing music properly until I found NINJAM -- I'd played clarinet at school (two "gigs" at the Royal Albert Hall, no less... not that I was any good but the London schools did it every once in a while and I got lucky twice). After school, I stopped. I took got an acoustic kit and took drum lessons briefly, playing for my stepson and his mates once or twice. Too @@@@ing loud... I'd always played with computer sounds but nothing serious, ever since my BBC Micro days (late 1980s), even demo-ing a MIDI keyboard -- several months' salary... I did buy the synth, which was cheaper and sounded nice... and then never really did anything with it except sell it! I got into MIDI and soundfonts on Linux around 2000... gave up and moved to Windows around 2003 (the same "issues" with Linux sound still exist and are not technical, really: too few people, not working together...). Worked with René on getting sfz format 1.0 satisfactory - except he wouldn't get my hi-hat muting working properly. Ever. Sforzando does .
Originally Posted by LETO View Post
Nice work btw! Is that Addictive Drums I hear?
I listened to Addictive Drums once - okay, only the freebie demo - but it sounded very shallow. Learning point: if you're going to produce a demo, make it something that sells the product...

It's mostly Natural Studios ns_kit7 (now Natural Drum Kit; possibly still available) Rock Kit, snares on with sticks. (Yes, there's a lot of alternative samples filling what was a five DVD set.) I also use Analogue Drums RockStock from their Tape Series 1, although it's very limited, particularly the hi-hat, in comparison. Add on to that Native Instruments Abbey Road Late 60s Drummer. Occasionally you'll hear Analogue Drums Gorilla kit from their Tape Series 2, which has a much better hi-hat (I just don't particularly like the kit). Other bits of Tape Series 2 will, hopefully, start appearing over time...

I just posted my current set up over on the ninbot forum so won't repeat it all here.

(By the way, I'm picky about how a sampled hi-hat behaves...)
Originally Posted by Tony Williams
...Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world.

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