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Hi pljones and thanks for the quick feedback.

I'm certain my setup is correct.. As an experiment I tried to keep it as simple as possible: Ninjam on master, with 2 track channels. One track for incoming stereo signal with the master/parent send box ticked, rec and monitoring on. Ninjam: "2/8 in 2 out" and on the console one stereo track: "Stereo 1/2", switched to xmit.
Then I went File/Preferences and ticked both boxes, saving multitrack recordings AND uncompressed WAV files.

In this experiment I chose to connect to my own server, nobody on the other side.. (would that make a difference?)
I make a connection, make some noise that clearly shows stereo signal on all the meters that are in use. Check. Ok, after a couple measures I disconnect and import the clipsort file, without merging. What I see and what I hear is all mono, and as I check each file's properties they show up as single channel samples. This is comfirmed when I try to open them in an external editor. No doubt, these are mono files.

In the same setup, without the "also save WAV.." box ticked, I end up with ogg files in perfect stereo. Seems to me the setup can't be the problem, right?
I would also like to refer to an earlier post by Krillo who is describing the same "phenomenon":

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