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sick as a dog today so here's some detail on how i'm currently using the Axiom for faster workflow and avoiding the mouse

first, i'm using White Tie's beautiful Imperial Theme on a two screen setup. second, i now have the Axiom on my desk's roll out shelf which puts it between me and the mouse/pc kybrd (that kind of forces me to use it even more). also, note that i only mix in Reaper, all writing/arranging is done in Live. of course one can go from writing to mixing "mode" in Reaper

left/right pc kybd arrows to scroll thru tracks
just hold one down and fly. one problem tho, if Reaper's main window isn't focused you can't use the pc kybd to do stuff in Reaper. i solved that by assigning the highest black key on the Axiom, Bb, to an action that focuses the main window
rwd and fwd to cycle thru and float plugins on focused track
i really didn't find myself using these buttons in the usual way to get around, just not useful in Reaper. they're assigned to actions such that fwd floats the next plugin while closing all others. rwd floats the previous while leaving all others open. i assigned the highest white key on the Axiom, C, to an action that cycles thru floating plugins (also very useful when focus is not on plugins)
pads to show fx, sends, or fx parameters separately (in the mixer window)
altho this takes 3 pads only 2 are constantly used. one alternates between fx and sends. show fx/sends/parameters is implemented in Reaper in a clumsy way which took me awhile to figure out. so, if you want to use the pads this way let me know and i'll give more details
pads for bypass fx, solo, mute, env mode
i'm always needing to switch the env mode between read and trim after doing some automation. this makes it really quick
knobs for vol, pan, width and plugin parameters on focused track and plugin
this is the only time i use different midi channels now. ch. 1 for fx parameters and ch. 2 for track controls. all fx use default mappings. that's something i really like, float a plugin and the knobs are ready to go
keys to choose markers, go fwd/back one measure
i use the bottom octave to choose markers. i typically have 7-8, rarely more than 10. the next two black keys are assigned to custom actions for moving one measure at time

it's surprising how fast this kind of setup becomes second nature, not unlike playing an instrument. i'm getting around very quickly and easily

let me know if you need more details about any aspect of the setup
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