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the shorter it lives the better the sign.

i forget if i put it up there. but an action for keystroke would be cool. that way you could put an action to a key that you have set as a midi editor pass through key, and make a toolbar icon for that.

i remember mentioning it before, and maybe it was this thread... idk, but i'll mention it again.

it would be cool if we could have a midi improvements feature request group, with all midi feature requests, and on which we could vote. or even if someone is kind enough to formulate a thread in relation to this, with all suggestions, and someone could vote for their favourite? idk if that would solve much, but it would be cool if we could have a all the midi stuff together, and you could just go through and select " would use" or "would not use"

maybe just one thread where the op, lists all the midi suggestions proposed here, with all FR threads corresponding to them, and with links to them, and one could go through the list +1ing the features they would like to see implemented. then we could have a priority list that could help devs know at least which are more in demand.

FR does that, but not as efficiently as sticking a bunch of midi together in one place i find.
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