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Originally Posted by politcat View Post
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i simply think that if you physically go through the steps with your axiom you'll understand better. and of course yes to what keys said above
i see, 147 is a plus minus, a boolean parameter, of 127 or 0, which i suppose would allow to have a relative control, which is good for knobs, meaning you won't have to use the null feature and knobs should just move as you move the knob from whatever position they began in.

works well for pan, but the downside is that if you just choose some other CC and use the null method, it gives you a nice big center zone for easily getting the pan centered which is nice. but having the position take off from where you left it every time i think is better.

I think i'm going to go a different route slightly. not really gonna use the controller to mix that much, although, i do like it, i may end up doing that one day, but for now, it's just pan and pan width for selected track for first two controllers, and the rest will be for VSTs. Volume fader will control volume for selected track. your method won't work as well for that since a pot is infinite in rotation but a fader has an upper and lower limit. so i'll have to use the null feature for that.

how did you figure out what 147 did? i don't see that in any of my documentation for the axiom. i have one list that goes to 144 then skips to 255, and then another list that starts at 00 and goes to 122.

i still don't understand fully why you started the data 2 at 46.

not sure if your model has null mode, but null mode, makes it so that moving a control does nothing until the control meets the same value as the data. that way you don't get jumping around of fader.not sure why channel assign 00 either.
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