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Originally Posted by politcat View Post
go ahead and strictly follow the instructions in post #7. that's the best way, to see for yourself
I am very grateful you made that awesome post explaining how you can configure the axiom to work with reaper, but i'm not much of the follow directions exactly type.

i mean, i will want to use my axiom a little differently than you did, that's why for me, understanding exactly what is what is the important thing. i don't necessarily just want to get it working, i'm trying to understand it as much as possible, that way i can use it to my own style to the most of its abilities. so sorry if i'm annoying, i know you already gave alot of good information, i'm not trying to be a dick.

but just some things, i'm not sure about like, how come you chose cc147 every time? i'm assuming it's just some random user definable cc assign value.

but then you seem to choose certain data 2 values, not starting at 00, which makes me wonder why, and you always choose channel 00, which i wonder why as well.

i'm the sort, that if i meet a fisherman, i will not beg him for fish, but i will instead beg him to teach me how to fish.

i'm sorry if i'm a little annoying. but thank you, you've been very helpful to me so far.
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