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Originally Posted by Sound asleep View Post
another thing i find would be cool, is simply to make all actions available in every other view available in piano roll. so that you can control tcp view things from directly within piano roll. i guess, the bindings would still need to be different though, but to be able to bind one action to one key in tcp, and then also to the same key, or a different one, if you are so inclined, in piano roll.

i know i said simply, but i don't expect that is super likely to be something simple, but i do think it would be super cool, and would open up many possibilities. for example, if i could that, then i'd already have a mute current track button in my piano roll toolbar. i'm pretty sure anyways, unless some unforeseen behaviour exists.
Actually there is a "Pass through key to main window" action in the Midi Action list that works for all the shortcut keys I've given it.
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