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Originally Posted by Alsklaftsk123 View Post
Why is mac so popular in music/media industry? I mean, you can get the same specs on a pc for half the price. Im not hating on mac, i just wonder why.
Haven't read the earlier posts, but MAC was in the multimedia game first with Quark and all the magazine/advertising demographic. PC was IBM = accounting. That's why it began as a rather bland looking machine and software environment until it had to compete with what was being used on Mac at the time, Adobe, etc. Now that everything major is cross platform, mostly, there is little difference. However, there is a HUGE difference between buying a shitty monitor for a PC and the quality you get from Apple as stock. It's a more expensive technology that you have to pay a higher price to achieve on a PC (probably $700 +). Can't remember the tech specs on it.

The second reason Mac is so popular is because a lot of people heard I was using one in the 90's. Things just took off from there, as did the Apple stock prices.
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