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Originally Posted by Held View Post
The option key is also called 'alt' on most Mac keyboards. There's an Alt key on Windows keyboards. Have you tried using that?
Reaper maps the key bindings thus:
  1. Command [Mac] to CTRL[Windows]
  2. Option [Mac] to ALT [Windows]
  3. CTRL [Mac] to WIN [PC]
3. is the problematic one:WIN is tied into the OS and cannot be assigned to anything other than system shortcuts. The result is that a load of my shortcuts no longer work - even though Reaper shows them correctly mapped to the WIN key. The question is whether I can somehow override Windows' bindings but I don't see how.

Essentially, on the PC I am down one modifier key I have been using for years on the Mac. On top of that my Mac keyboard has 19 F-keys which I am using, too.

Maybe it is time for me to embrace Reaper as the PC program it is and start again with keyboard shortcuts. At the moment though I have mapped the keys on Windows to my Mac keyboard in a way that allows me to carry on using my muscle memory - even though that may be counter productive in the long run.
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