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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
ok Mr B..

I've managed to resurrect my 'vintage' 2004/5 bcf2000 - (without any casing) although a fader cap has gone AWOL..

reason is that i'd like to toy with this pd stuff that you're doing with bcr, and end up with something applicable working for bcF.

installed pd yesterday and 'OKAAY..' so i'm starting at level 1 - easy mode - no zombies. can see you have your hands full with as many controls as on the bc' units.

was going to start messing about with your patch5, but get the impression this could lead to more stress than necessary as reaper's osc implementaion may have changed since then and you also may be doing things a better/neater way, so just wondering if i should hold off for a better jumping off point, or just get stuck in...

ultimately i think a follow focused fx mode and a 'mixer/general' mode would be good for bcf, and i'd like to then get some feedback/parameter labels to touchosc, but i will wait on that as studio daw is wireless-less at the momen

i'd also like reaper to do this natively, and stuff. but nevermind.
Hey mr. B., indeed, REAPER's OSC implementation has changed and I have also found a few neater ways to do things as I refreshed my own limited Pd skills (I have been using Max more than Pd for the last couple of years, and my older Pd stuff is on a computer that has been broken so I can't access it. ) So indeed, a fresh start is in order. I just need some time to break down some simple ('noob manageable') modules out of my ever evolving, increasingly complex Pd prototype.
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