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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
Adding on using the graphic from above... The I/O graphic seems to be a bit of a waste of space maybe where all it may need is a M, S and an R to illustrate Master, Send & Receive states.

The IO graphic seems to be at least 2-3 times larger / wider than it maybe needs to be. I'm also not sure that - on the TCP - the actual words Trim, Read, Latch etc necessarily need to be literally spelled out. There is a lettering conflict with Trim and Touch so you can't just use "T" but maybe T for trim & "Tc" for touch. But that one also seems to unnecessarily take up more horizontal space for things where the choices - or representation of current state - is limited enough to be given with a single letter in most cases.

So maybe design wise some of those things may be using more space than they necessarily need which results (it seems) in having to use a necessarily taller vertical size for a certain amount of control display.

I disagree.

Originally Posted by WhiteTie
Eliminate, wherever possible, ambiguity. WALTER allows us to assign as much (or as little) space as is needed for an element to do its job well. A good example of this is the IO button; previously space issues restricted us to various schemes to indicate the master / send / receive status of the track. We can now take the space to make that message very clearly, on every track, with full words. Experienced Reaper users will likely find they don't need this level of clarity, they can effortlessly interpret (for example) an icon based representation, but we favour a solution that benefits all users including casual, occasional or new Reaper users. If this is ever in conflict with efforts to make the interface attractive, the lack of ambiguity is favoured.
For exactly these reasons.
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