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Oh I see - well then, yes. We're going to do a good range of layouts.

Discussion of the MCP folder interaction buttons

I'd like to kick off this discussion if I may. The size, styling and position of these needs much attention. I would say they need to be similarly styled, close to one another and close to the folder indents. This way the approximate nature of their job could be implied by their position (removing the need for a folder icon, for example) and the fact that they act on the same function (but in different ways, of course) by that and their similar styling. Of course, if they look too similar or their function isn't clear, that's a fail.

Personal opinion - I don't like these buttons either, and think the drag'n'drop does the task better. But only if you, the user, know about the drag'n'drop! I also think that, if there were to be buttons to do do this task, I can think of several ways that different buttons doing different jobs could get the task done better. But we're not going to go there, because:
  • We have to use those buttons. No discussion, sorry.
  • We're not FRing here. No sir.

So : we are using those buttons. They are going to work the way they always have. How shall we do this best?
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