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Originally Posted by jens View Post
Musescore is free and actually works great - a few niggles aside...

So what are your exact problems? I don't think you mentioned them yet.
I've tried Musescore, and far from 'working great', it didn't work reliably at all on my system.

What I need is to be able to view and edit multiple tracks of midi data as musical notation. As others have mentioned, I'm not expecting Cockos to implement something of the complexity or sophistication of Sibelius. If I was producing printed scores I'd buy and use Sibelius for that job. What I do need is for Reaper to allow me to work with Midi data in a way that doesn't kill the workflow. Despte what has been said here, you can't get anywhere near to that with external tools.

As a little experiment, I used Reaper to input two tracks of a (roughly 1.5 minute) Mozart piano piece. It took me in total just under 3 hours. That makes life rather tedious.
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