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Does this guideline to record at -24...-12 dBFS level apply only to 24-bit recording?
What is the recommended level in 16-bit recording?

Another thing that still puzzles me is the input level calibration. Based on the Homestudioguide article linked in post #67, it seems that after you have calibrated your mic/instrument inputs in the analog mixer you are safe to use the analog headroom (don't adjust input gain but use faders). And when you use all that headroom and record the mixer's otput to DAW you will get -2 dBFS peak level in your DAW. According to the Homestudioguide article that is perfectly fine.
But reading this thread I understand that there can be potential distortion problems in the DAW input (MOTU 828mkii in the article) if recorded at -2 dBFS level.
So, the Homestudioguide article did not tell the whole story and following the advice in that article could lead to bad recording quality in the DAW.
Did I understand this one right?

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