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You can use this one instead:

It has a number of additional features and that's one of them. Right-click and drag to zoom.

If you don't use ReaPack to get scripts/JS plugins, you can download the files you need directly instead and install them manually.

The 2 files required are:



(Right-click and download both those files.) To install them in Reaper (again if you're not using ReaPack):

Open Reaper. Go to the main menu at the top. Options > Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder. When the window opens, look for the folder named "effects". That is where you want to put these files specifically (or in a sub-folder within "effects"). Restart Reaper and the plugins will be available in the list.

I'd recommend adding ReaPack so that you can add scripts/plugins from many sources easily and have them able to be updated easily. See this thread for info about ReaPack.
Using REAPER for Linux

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