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Originally Posted by jansjobe View Post
I assume You have tried monitoring the midi ports on the transport with something like MidOX?
Nope, didn't have to, CSI has built in midi monitoring

Just tried this again:
started Reaper
went to edit Soft Keys in EuControl
selected wheel
selected jog
went to EUCON commands -> Global Mackie ->
try any further folder you want there are no wheel commands

OK, just tried mapping Play to the top centre switch above the Shuttle Ring.

Works just fine.

Tried mapping Play to the Jog Wheel -- nuttin'

So it's an internal EuCon Mackie protocol support issue.

I would dearly love to find the file where all of this is defined, assuming we could add /change definitions, we could then utilize all of the controls on the Artist series, not just the ones the EuCon folks decided to map
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