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Well, I think this thing is amazing, but somehow I am to stupid to do... things.

I got my old FW-1884 working. So far the faders do what they should do, as well as the PanPots and the bankswitches.

Am I right, that I have to like "program" the rest of the stuff? This would be amazing. But I just read everything in the Github and the PDFs, so far I have no clue what to do where

Can anyone give me an example where to write what? For example my buttons sends things like this "IN -> FW-1884 90 2e 7f
IN -> FW-1884 90 2e 00 "

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

If I open these mst, fxt and axt files with the editor everything is screwed up and I don't see any system
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