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Originally Posted by Merkury View Post
The PLUGINS / FXs window. Oh my god, what an endless list of stuff. They made it even longer now by adding categories . Instead of making things easier, they Complicate it with every update.
I think this is entirely fair comment, even though there's a solution, because the solution is non-obvious. An IRL user complained to me about this exact thing, and I didn't know the answer, but I knew enough to try right clicking and double clicking things to see what happened. Ah, there you go; double clicking expands and contracts categories.

The convention is that double clicking on a list will open it; expand / contract gets a plus box.

Ignoring such conventions has a price, and its not one that is highlighted with any regularity in FR / pre threads. If "I'm out of here" threads like this are the place where these things get flagged up, then such threads have value. You may think its funny to GTFO this chap, but ...please don't.
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