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Originally Posted by The Bunker View Post
Hmmmm but don't you have to unpack it in order to modify it???
Yes, of course you have to. What I wanted to say is, that if you unpack the theme to another folder than the usual "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\REAPER\ColorThem es" to, let's say, in "D:\REAPERmods\ColorThemes" and save it then, THAT path is written in the *.ReaperTheme.

There are then two lines in the *.ReaperTheme: "ui_img=ProTools 12.5_F_edit" says which folder the grafics are in AND "ui_img_path=D:\REAPERmods\ColorThemes" says where this folder is.
If you zip it then with this second path line, it can be that the theme doesn't find the grafics and uses the v1 grafics instead.
[EDIT on:] I should always try out what I want to post before posting, but I was sooo sure......Result: even if the "second" path points to a wrong path, the theme is loaded correctly...REAPER is so cool...anyway =>

=> [EDIT off] But in your upload it was O.K., after removing the dot it worked like it should. What I wrote was just an idea, what your problem could be.
Now I'm curious what you have done with the fadercaps, didn't look at it yesterday, it was too late at night here.
If the v5 Default Theme is too bright for you take a gander at my mod of it: Default v5 Dark Theme

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