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I think I've found an issue...

My controller is an APC40 MkI
I have it set up as midi in, but NOT a controller in Reaper's MIDI settings.
However, I have a dedicated "input" track where the APC is the input device, in the FX chain I do a metric crap ton of remappings, etc., then use MidiToReaControlPath at end of chain to send all the CC's out into Reaper Control Land

This works 100% fine for learning using reaper's built in learn, but it doesn't seem to work with ReaLearn. If I have reaLearn on another track (input FX or regular FX) it doesn't pick up any knob twiddling... However, if I explicitly have the APC as an input on the track ReaLearn is on, it works...

So why is ReaLearn not picking up the control signals from another track even though I have verified that the APC is sending control messages?
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