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THIS IS COMPLETELY BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by witti View Post
Anyone interested in a track gain reduction meter ?

At the moment it's only working with the js compressor which is in the zip.
Will see if i can find a way to get it running with any compressor...

How to setup:

-put the compressor into reaper's 'effects' folder
-add the layout to your theme:
-add the 'grmeter' folder to your theme file
(this folder contains the images for the 'grmeter' layout)
-open the rtconfig file of your theme and add the text of the
'layout_rtconfig' file. Save the rtconfig file and the theme.

-open reaper and insert two tracks
-insert the compressor on track one
-disable 'master/parent send' on the second track !!!!! (important !)
-set the compressor track to 4 channels and route
channel 3+4 to 1+2 of the second track (pre-fader)
-now via track context menu change the mcp/tcp layout of the second track to 'grmeter'

-make adjustments to the compressor

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