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I want to sneak a toolbar request on this just in case!

Please can we have a way to "lock" toolbar icons so that they don't auto adapt if their container size changes like it does if you change screen resolution.

Originally Posted by airon View Post
Having a problems with my screensets and toolbars.
  1. The toolbar I position at "At top of main window" is not included in screensets. It is a manual open/close procedure for that one. As you cannot vertically split the upper docker, this is how I create another toolbar at the top, as I already have one in the upper docker.

  2. "Close the toolbar" is too well hidden in the Position toolbar context submenu. I suggest you move that in to the top level of the toolbar context menu by default, since it also has little to do with the actual position, just the existence.

The first problem is a loss of flexibility and hopefully just an oversight. The second is a problem of "I never thought to look there", which would require some confirmation from other folks about how intuitive that actually is. Knowing and intuitive GUI use are two different things.
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