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Banned, commenting on your VU-meter example can you also change the volume on that knob where the vu-meter is dancing? If yes, would it be also possible to use all 32 knobs to display 32 vu-meters, all parallel?

Another BCR-2000 related dance, when changing presets, I think there are all together 32 presets on the BCR2000, could you have different setups all defined in those presets, and switch among those, and it would still communicate nicely with Reaper? Or is this only possible with a single preset at maximum? If all 32 presets can work in parallel, this would increase the possibility space for the factor 32. Then we need only a mechanism to switch into those presets DIRECTLY, from some external trigger, NOT using prev/next buttons on the BCR2000, imagine you are in preset1 and want to switch to preset15, here you would need to press 14 times the next button, which would be a catastrophe. Using program change events, might be one idea to jump into BCR2000 presets.
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