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Reading this thread and being a total "lock" noob, cause i never use locking, i decided
to take a look in Action List, did a search for "lock"

The number of search results is just overwhelming ...pffff.

Which Action you use to lock an Item ?
Is it maybe "item properties: lock" ?

Looking at these actions, i assume there are different Locking modes, for locking different things concerning an Item.
I see an action "Options: Show lock settings"
When run, i see a window in which you can make settings what things you want to Lock.

Did you try out making settings in this Window ?

Also there is an Action "Locking: Toggle full item locking mode"
At first side, i would assume this is some kind of "master" Lock Action, which locks EVERY aspect of an Item and thereby "overriding" the settings made in the lock settings window.
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