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After further investigation is looks like there is an option to lock item position in the item lock settings but there is no option in the settings window that allows items to not be cut or edited.

The 'lock item full' check box seems like it should do the trick but it's not stopping me from being able to slip the item.

This is a really big problem for us that work in film. We need the ability to lock video and production audio to smpte timecode so that we don't accidentally chop a section out of the film and cause our music to be out of sync.

I made that exact mistake this week and I got a very upset email from a client asking why my cue wasn't syncing half way through playing back the film. I had accidently cut a portion of the video file out of my sequence while conforming the music to a new picture cut.

If someone has found a solution to this please let me know. If there isn't one native, is there a scriptable workaround or do we need cockos to implement this?
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