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Default UPDATE!!

Well, methinks that I may have solved the issue previously expressed, above.

As was stated in my initial post, my Lambda was purchased used. It was just the hardware - no manual, or software. I didn't care about those things because of figuring that I (If it was needed) could download the manual. And the software? Well, that was of no concern, neither, because Reaper is IT, for ME. But, I DID just download the manual, to see if there was something about the interface, itself, that might not have been set right. Sure enough, I think there WAS.

I had paid no real attention to the two push button selectors, sitting in the middle of the interface's middle section. After perusing the manual I learned that those two push buttons determine whether the output is generated in either stereo, or mono. It's too late, NOW, for me to test that out, but I have no doubt that (since I've switched the setting to mono) I will have that mid-position setting of my lead vocals.

There should be some fun, and productive times NOW .
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