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A while back someone was claiming the opposite. That using folder tracks instead of normal "universal" tracks (standard Reaper tracks that can be routed however you want with no restrictions) used less CPU.

I took a large-ish project (around 200 tracks and just as many plugins) and converted everything over to use folder tracks instead of the standard bus routing. 100% identical CPU use. An exercise in wasting time I will not be repeating!

What I do know is that if you stack up enough plugins that add to PDC on a track that PDC seems to get taxed and gets crashy after a point. I say crashy because you get clicks and pops even though you aren't hitting any wall with CPU use - the typical red flag that points to a plugin crashing.

You'll find that if you split the plugins across two (or more) tracks in that scenario that it fixes it. Just daisy chain route across two tracks.

Hope that helps.
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