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Originally Posted by vanhaze View Post
Because plugins on MASTER Track don't benefit from anticipative processing, it's always advised to make a folder track in which al tracks are nested, so this folder
track serves as the master track.
Just like you do.
So, The fact that you get better performance when placing the "master plugins" on Reaper Master Track instead of the "master folder track" is weird imho.

The other issue you describe: better performance when placing plugins on individual child tracks instead of their folder track is something hopefully someone can explain, enlighten about.
Would like to know if this true ..
Hey vanhaze,

Thanks for your input!

To clarify, if I create another folder track above my 2BUSS folder track (i.e. an EXTRA 2BUSS folder, which nests everything beneath including the 2BUSS) and move my 2BUSS plugins there instead, performance is back to normal. As is plugins inserted directly on the actual Master Out track, as long as I have an empty 2BUSS folder ”between” the Master Out and the rest of the session tracks. E.g. the empty track is nesting everything else, before it hits the Master Out.

This is definitely a functioning workaround, but I’d rather not have to layout my sessions this way as it occasionally becomes overly complicated when there's subsequent folder tracks, which in turn may (or must, depending on how the CPU is reacting) contain even more folder tracks ”between” child tracks and the BUSS folders. Maybe I’m just abusing folder tracks too much.

The more child tracks summed to a folder (e.g. a buss), the more punishment on the CPU perfomance on these buss/folder plugins. So a 2BUSS folder, nesting the entire session directly underneath it, becomes unusable for less CPU-economic plugins. In this case I leave the 2BUSS folder empty and just use it for session automation, then put my master FX on the actual Master Out track.

If this is to be expected due to how Reaper sums child tracks, I will happily continue creating these in-between CPU-saving folder tracks. But it just feels like a bug right now, and I wanted to check if I’m doing something wrong here. Which is quite possibly the case.

Apologies if this made no sense whatsoever, maybe I should screenshot this…

Have a nice weekend!

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